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what we do
Our mission is to introduce and implement climate smart restorative agriculture to farmers which produces a variety of highly nutritious organic foods to reduce malnutrition, improve food security and create sustainable jobs while improving the environment
- Green Gold Team
We are a new generation of organic farmers, we grow trees, food and medicinal crops binding together with animal production in synergy, in a system that mimics nature’s way of life! -Syntropic Agriculture
(2018- 2021): 840,500
Goal: 3 Million Trees
(2018- 2021): 126 Acres
Goal: 1000 Acres
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From our own syntropic farm, greenhouses and organic gardens we grow all kinds vegetables using organic materials, you can get from us: Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots, Cabbage... we also grow per request, let us know your needs

Fruits and Nuts

 Our restorative farm is your dream food forest with diversity of plants , Mangoes, Guava, Cashew, Oranges...What's your need?

Medicinal Plants

 We pride ourselves in being the first to implements a bio diverse and soil restorative methods in growing 80% of tropical medicinal plants, including Baobab, Ofram, Mahogany, Artemisia, Moringa... Whats your condition?

Grain and Oil Seeds

We produce and process high quality oils and grains, we also engage smallholder farmers who supply to our factor, currently we cold press Moringa Oil, Neem Oil, Citronella Oil....

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